Morrie's Pit Passes

Morrie's Pit Passes


The Morrie's Pit Pass is available per show in addition to your Concert Ticket. The Morrie's Pit Pass enhances the overall experience for Artists and Fans, and is available for a very reasonable price per show in addition to a VIP, Reserved, or General Admission Concert Ticket.

The Pit is directly in front of the stage, in the area of the 3 thrusts you’re familiar with. The Pit operates with easy in & out access through the picture taking line. We ask, as we do of all Fans, to show respect for one another & Artists while in the Pit & to enjoy the Experience!

Pit Passes are available for Main Stage acts only. If an artist is not listed in the shopping cart, that means there are no Pit Passes available for purchase. Instead, their show will be first-come, first-served.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a VIP Ticket Holder. Will my VIP View be obstructed or changed?

VIP View will not be obstructed, altered or changed. That is a top priority here at Rock Fest. The amazing view, picture-taking, and Artist interaction will be exactly as it has always been. The Pit will be dropped, so the grade will be lowered.

Will the Photo Line Change?

No change to the Photo Line. That will operate as normal as well.

How do we get in & out of the Pit?

Pit Pass holders will be asked to be at the front of the Photo Line entrance a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their purchased show with their Pit Pass printed Ticket in hand. Rock Fest Staff will scan and you will enter from that point. The Pit will be emptied immediately following each show.

What can I bring into the Pit?

Pit Pass holders may bring themselves and a normal phone or small common camera. Standing room only. No Video of any kind. No professional Cameras are allowed in the Pit, with no exceptions. No selfie sticks. No drinks or food are allowed in the Pit. Please finish your drinks and throw container away before entering. No bags backpacks or chairs are allowed in the Pit. Small purses may be allowed, but will be searched prior to Entrance. Pit Pass Holders may be professionally searched by Security before gaining entrance into the pit if needed.

What happens if the lineup changes?

As we know for any Concert, a Lineup change can occur at any time with no advance notice. Rock Fest is the same. The same policy applies to Pit Passes, as it does for all Concert and Camping Tickets. No refunds or exchanges. Pit Pass Holders purchase a Pit Pass for a date and time slot. In the Event of a Lineup change, the Pit Pass will still be good for the particular date and time slot.

Where are Emergency Exits?

Emergency Exits are at the North and South ends of the Pit.

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