Handicap Camping


Handicap Camping area is in the South Campgrounds and is specifically:

  • Row C­, Sites 1-­30
  • Row D, ­Sites 11­-30
  • Row E, ­Sites 1­-30

In order to reserve a handicap campsite(s) call us at 1­-800-326­-3378. Please have your handicap number(s) ready as you will need 1 handicap number for each campsite ordered.

Handicap Car Parking is in the beginning of Row D in the south campground. You can exchange your regular Car Parking Sticker for a handicap Car Parking Sticker at the Main Gate. You will also need to give the Attendant your handicap I.D. Tag.

We also have a Handicap Seating Area for General Admission ticket holders. Please note that you must have the appropriate identification before you receive your handicap seating area armband. You may have 1 person accompany you in the Handicap Seating Area.


  • $75 Pre-Sale TBA (Plus Tax & Fees)
  • $85 TBA (Plus Tax & Fees)
  • $95 TBA (Plus Tax & Fees)
  • $105 TBA (Plus Tax & Fees)
  • $130 Gate Price Starting July 12th (Tax & Fees Included)

1 sleeping unit of any kind is allowed per Campsite. Each campsite includes 1 Car Parking Sticker for the campsite and 1 Camp Access Pass. Anyone entering the Campgrounds must have a Camp Access Pass. Limit of 6 people per campsite.


  • $30 Pre-Sale TBA (Plus Tax & Fees)
  • $40 Gate Price Starting July 12th (Tax & Fees Included)

Every person who enters the campgrounds must have a Campground Access Pass. Remember that only ONE Campground Access Pass is included in the purchase of every Campsite. All others must be purchased separately.